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Motorised Blinds


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Imagine the convenience of managing the heat entering your home at any time of the day with the single touch of a button. Australian Hundred Years can now make that a reality with our Motorised Blinds!


Ideal for large or out-of-reach windows, the sensors and timers installed work even while you’re away from home, making this product the epitome of convenience for all homeowners. And with its motors concealed inside the tube, you will enjoy your automated blinds in both silence and sophistication.


Our quality Motorised Blinds not only keep the heat at bay during the hot summer, but ensure your family’s safety. Parents can rest assured our motorised products are cord and chain free to keep your children safe; while the automated timer function means your blinds will move while you are away, making your house less of a target to burglars.


Our Motorised Blinds come with a 3-year warranty, and careful installation.

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