Why does the office choose roller shutter better

AHY AHY 2021-09-01 12 823

For general large-scale business buildings, office buildings, conference rooms and schools, it is better to choose rolling curtains not only to occupy no geographical location, but also to have good shading effect, but also to play the role of heat insulation.


Bead roller shutter for bank walkway

The rolling shutter window has the advantages of beautiful and simple appearance, firm and durable structure, etc. it is suitable for sunshade of office and family Windows, especially for rolling shutter of large-area glass curtain wall.

When the roller shutter fabric is put down, it can soften the indoor light, avoid the trouble of direct sunlight, and achieve a good sunshade effect. When the roller shutter is raised, its volume is small, so that it is not easy to be noticed.

Office roller shutter

Roller shutter fabrics include semi shading roller shutter, semi transparent roller shutter and full shading roller shutter series, which can be determined according to the window position and use.
The roller shutter fabric has rich colors and various designs and colors, which can be matched with the corresponding working environment.

Rolling curtains are easy to take care of. They roll up when not in use and are not easy to collect dust. In common use, you only need to dust off with a feather duster.

Don't dismantle the curtains when they are dirty. It's cleaner than wa···
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