Don't dismantle the curtains when they are dirty. It's cleaner than washing!

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What if the curtains are dirty? Washing curtains is a big project! I'm so tired after washing once! Today I'll teach you these moves. In the future, the curtains can be clean without dismantling.


1. Vacuum cleaner cleaning method
A lot of dust is adsorbed on the curtain, which takes time and effort to remove and clean. In fact, the dust on the curtain can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner without disassembly. You can clean the curtains every time you clean, which is convenient and clean.

2. Steam cleaning method
If you don't have a steam cleaner at home, you can also use a steam iron instead, which can also play the effect of humidification and cleaning, and make the curtains flat, so that the curtains look clean and beautiful.

Curtains are made of different materials.

The cleaning methods used are also different. Throw the curtains into the washing machine, which is likely to wash the curtains!

Velvet feels fine and full of texture. The cloth is thick and has good shading effect, but it is easy to change.

If you wash it in the washing machine, it is easy to harden and deform. The best way is to sprinkle neutral detergent on the curtains and then clean them with a vacuum cleaner.

Shutters, known as the most fashionable windows, are standard in many kitchens and bathrooms. But the shutters are easy to accumulate dust. Don't worry, cleaning the shutters is actually very simple.

Prepare a clip, cover both sides with a rag, stretch it with a rubber band, and dip in a little detergent. If you want a better dust removal effect, you can add a little white vinegar inside.

Clamp a shutter with a clip, and there is no dust wherever you go. When the sun came in, the house was all warm.

Cotton linen curtains are breathable and environmentally friendly. They are the first choice for many young people. But this kind of curtain folds easily.

Many cotton curtains as thin as gauze clothes are not suitable for washing machines at all. It is easy to hang a hole in the curtains. And hand washing is too tiring. I'll teach you how to fix the cotton bed curtain in minutes.

Dip a little soapy water with a sponge and wipe the curtain. The stains will generally fall off and wrinkles can be prevented.

If you encounter stubborn stains, adding a small amount of lavender essential oil can strongly decontaminate and clean the air.

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