Suggestions on purchasing electric shutter

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Electric blinds are widely used. They are also called multi-functional curtains in life. They are mainly controlled by remote control board. They are also welcomed by many consumers in the market. In the face of such popular curtains, how should consumers buy them?

First of all, we have to know what kinds of electric hundred page curtains there are. The electric encyclopedia curtain is divided into fixed type and movable type. It is folded by multiple sheets and has the advantages of ventilation, shading, sound insulation, shading and cooling and room decoration. At present, it is made of plasticized sheet, linen sheet, bamboo sheet, wood sheet, FRP sheet and aluminum alloy.

Suggestions on purchasing electric shutter

Pay attention to the following problems when purchasing electric 100 page curtains:

1. Don't ignore the size problem when purchasing. You should know that the surface installation is different from the installation. The length of concealed 100 page curtain is the same as the height of the window, the width will be about 1cm smaller than the window, and the exposed curtain will be larger than the actual one. In general, small rooms often choose concealed decoration, while large rooms mostly choose exposed decoration.

2. It is also important to choose the color of electric 100 page curtain, which should be consistent with the color of home and wall. If the wall is milky yellow or white, you can choose Ivory curtains; If the wall is light green, it can be matched with gray or green. For brownish red furniture, pink or champagne will be more appropriate. The combination of cold and warm colors will make the room feel free from vulgarity.

3. The window formats are different, and the selected electric hundred page curtains are also different. If the vertical window is installed, the general electric hundred page curtain can be matched; For horizontal windows, you can match hundreds of pages of vertical curtains, which will be particularly appropriate and more beautiful.

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