At Australian Hundred Years, we manufacture the highest quality PVC Plantation Shutters in Sydney’s Inner West.

Ideal for homes situated in areas of high humidity, or small windows in damp, high traffic areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, our moisture resistant PVC Shutters are the affordable alternative to timber plantation shutters in your home.

Our PVC Shutters are manufactured using a non-toxic, resilient synthetic material that is easy to clean. The aluminium core is intended for durability with its reinforced design, and the frame is UV resistant – meaning it will survive the harsh Australian sun.


Originating from the linden tree known for its sturdy trunk, our Basswood Shutters are lightweight and resistant to warping.

Basswood is a high-quality timber with a wood grain that lends itself to painting and staining, making it the ideal shutters option for home renovators.

At Australian Hundred Years, we offer a range of Basswood Shutters designs that are easily customisable to your room requirements. Our quality styles are available for installation in:

 · Fixed

 · Hinged

· Sliding

· Bifold

We offer a 3-year warranty on all Basswood Shutters.

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