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Vertical Blinds


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When it comes to designing your home, you have to focus on color, style, and practicality. Roller blinds can be chosen to blend these three aspects harmoniously and make your space truly inviting. Our Roller Blinds Inner West Sydney can be purchased at stunningly affordable prices. We sell the best products available that can be customized according to your needs.

Are you planning to buy vertical blinds? Look no farther than Australian Hundred Years. We offer superior quality products with the utmost accountability and minute attention to detail. Our vertical blinds price in Sydney is the best in the industry. You can expect a perfect combination of quality and cost competence with our products.

Our vertical blinds are available in 8 different colors. You can approach us to buy fully customized products. We not only sell vertical blinds but also offer installation services for our customers. One of our technicians will reach your spot when you contact us with your needs. He/she will take the measurement precisely to make the exact blinds you need.

Nobody can match our vertical blinds price in Sydney. If you go through our product descriptions, you will get a clear cut idea about the product. Best purchase decision can be made easily. Our 3-year warranty program takes care of your needs in the best possible way.

Australian Hundred Years can supply vertical blinds in 1 day. We also perform the installation works in 3 days to deliver the best experience for each customer.

Customize Your Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are able to provide light and privacy control by the ability to rotate blades through 180°, or set them at any angle in between. The back of each blade will be visible which can look off if the other side differs dramatically.

Multiple strips of slightly overlapping blades of fabric are hung that are either 89mm or 127mm wide. Our range can be fully custom made, from colors to fabric choices, making it a versatile pick for your needs.

All Vertical Blinds are supplied with metal head box, and come inclusive of brackets and screws all ready to install!

  • Suitable for long runs and big drops – up to 4-meter length, up to 3.4-meter drop

  • 127mm wide blackout fabric louvers, keeps the light out

  • Full choice of opening style – all louvres to either side or center opening

  • White cord control for opening and closing

  • Chrome chain for louvre angle control

  • High quality mechanism

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